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Alai K

(Disco Vumbi -

Interview about music as protest in Africa. With my mate Dan who makes cool stuff -

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 16.22.56.jpg

My mate Tiffany.

Documentary about Unterschlupf e.V. in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They want to offer women affected by homelessness a place to go where they can receive support, advice and care in various areas. Directed/produced by friends Kelley and Franzi, and myself.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 11.22.08.jpg

Rotoscope segment for Andre Ktori's 'Let's Talk' music video. Thanks to Atlantic Records and my mate Jamie.

Grabowsee 2023. I sat in an abandoned sanitarium for 10 days making sounds. 

Directing/producing a documentary for my friends Joss Turnbull and Everline Akinyi Odero, a percussionist and boxer respectively. Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Travelling west with a band of like minded Troubadours to present DRUGS & CAPITALISM on Nik Nowak's MULTITUDE sound system. 

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 14.19.16.png

On tour with Das Behälter, but I'm just a dude with a camera in this instance. Düsseldorf, 04.03.23.

Neon Liberal, DRUGS & CAPITALISM, album artwork.

DRUGS & CAPITALISM mood-board. 

Shooting an interactive live performance for my mates Vanilla Secrets. 

THE OLIGARCHY. Future antagonist.

Shooting a performance video for my mate, the one and only Benjamin Whitehill. 

Stills from Das Behälter's 'Heads Ring' music video.


Behind the scenes with Das Behälter.

Schlafzimmer music video mit Bethan. Check out more from her -

Forever the contrarian - Interviewing my mate Iona. We spoke about education, make believe and of course aggressively 'anti-establishment work'. She's a dope actor. We did a scene together in pBs:THE MOVIE. I just told her I was a disenfranchised electronic music teacher who's kinda lost the plot and she ad libbed the whole thing. Pro shit.

Make friends with your neighbourhood weirdos, you never know when you might be one.

Business card.


Pissing about with my friend Katsura Ota. More from them -


Artwork for Difficult Folk. Oil/digital.

Artwork for Liminality. Oil/digital.

Directing in the woods. Music video for Bethan.



Feeling godly in my natural habitat.

Photoshooting for my mate Rachel aka yrlovelydeadmoon.

Still from #pinkBits: THE MOVIE///.

Hanging with mi bestie.

Artifact. Creative currency perhaps?

Casual interview with my mate Alex. He always has lovely things to say about me. He also makes movies -

The world we live in. #Posttruth

My mate Dinner Pig.

My comrade Benjamin Whitehill took me to see Yanis Varoufakis. Yanis told us that without coherence, there can be no unity. I agree. 

My Mum, forever questioning the purpose of my existence. #meanswellimsure

Emerging from the fog. #advertising

Hauntological thoughts from a long forgotten source. 

Low-res press shot.


Shouldn't have had that extra coffee...

'WE DANCE IN THE RUBBLE OF YESTERDAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW' - Shots from #pinkBits:THE MOVIE/// music video segment, featuring

my mates Luci and Hika and DP'd by my mate Rew.

Somewhere up high with Jade.

Now and again I get booked to DJ and I usually have a laugh.

My mate, the illusive Illkomponent aka Mr. Isaac Ray - 

Stills from 'A Handful of Clouds'. A/V collab with Benjamin Whitehill.

Mental health is a real issue. Reach out, take your meds, get a good nights sleep, make art etc.

A.I. opinions.

Desperately seeking corporate sponsorship.

#pinkBits:THE MOVIE/// original motion picture soundtrack, #LOVE NIHILISM & A MACBOOK PRO/// album artwork. If I remember correctly my mate Rew helped me a bit with this. He does motion grafficks and video stuff -

Beneficial's review of pBs:THE MOVIE. "it's bassivally like The Never Ending Story, but longer, with more nudity/brain surgery and less dragons/story" has to be the best review of anything ever reviewed.

Discussing the big issues with Kelley. She wants to bring you closer to your creative capacity and so do I -

True story.

Pissing around with my mate Jade aka Vamp Acid. She makes stuff, find it here -!/

Some people make fancy posters for their films and have a have a bunch of those gold reef thingies from festivals (seem to be a lot of them flying about). I just screenshot my mates Facebook reviews. Proper validation. 

Inside my machine.



QR code. Starting again from...

"It’s adapt or die, and there are many different forms of death available to those who can’t pick up the business buzz or muster the requisite enthusiasm for the 'creative industries'. Six million ways to die, pick one." 

                                    - Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher also said that during a hospitalization due to depression he did not actually consider himself as mentally ill, but rather he was hiding behind the idea of mental illness because he could not face what he thought was the real issue, that he simply wasn't capable of living what is considered a normal life. Can relate mate. I once claimed (in one of my more grandiose moments) that if Mr. Fisher had seen pBs:THE MOVIE then he'd still be with us. Who knows, but I think we should all be a bit grandiose sometimes and  believe that maybe something we make might give sanctuary or relief to someone suffering. Why else would we bother...

me: Do I actually have to have a job?

jobcenter: Yes

me: Ok can I have one?

jobcenter: No it doesn't work like that. The job market's very competitive, there aren't enough jobs to go round. 

me: So perhaps me not wanting a job is good, more for other people?

jobcenter: If you didn't need a job then I wouldn't have a job. What would I do?

me: A painting?

This exchange has obviously never happened outside of my imagination.

THE TRYFORCE - "But what even is the Tryforce?" "Who cares just enjoy it."

U-bahn photo series.

My mate Dave, being not so honest to his employers. We've all been there.

Benificial conjured this fragment of ruin. It's inspired by Mike Tyson. Whilst listening for the first time loudly on headphones I had the sudden idea that all music should be like this. Is the music of today even music if it's not screaming? We should scream more. 

NOISE - This book changed/fucked my life. A guide to outsider, otherness, underground, punk. To always move towards friction and discomfort... I'm tired.


Interview flex with Ranji - techno, mental health, drugs and capitalism. Obv.

Fishing net, for some reason or other. Photo credit @Hazel


True story.



Exploitation film. #gratitude.

A poster for a movie that doesn't exist (yet). It's set in this weird liminal space that kinda hints at being a club, although the poster in its current form to me hints at being about sharks.

Follow the leadership.


My mate Sarah. We met on OKcupid.

Here bio read something like; Sober,



                                                I want to photograph you naked

It was around the time I discovered the Tryforce, so I probably thought she had been sent from above. Two days later, and straight from Berghain, she was at my place photographing me naked and I was interviewing her about sobriety, bipolar, techno and creativity.


This is my mate Royston. He is a comedian and a very wise man.

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