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Relax, we are not trying to sell you anything.

pinkBitsMUSIC///BERLIN was founded in 2018 and operates out of the PINKHAUS,
situated in the heart of the vibrant Berlin district of Neukölln. Our mission is to demystify music
production and audio/video media technology, and to challenge the economic norms set by
corporate establishments hijacking and exploiting cultures and institutions that are, at their very essence,
anti-corporate and anti-establishment (#hardcore will never die etc).

Today we have access to more free music-making tools and learning resources than ever before,
and its never been easier or more convenient to make electronic music and other forms of digital art.
Yet, at the constant mercy of profit-driven advertising, people seem only more confused and
lacking in the confidence needed to simply start creating.

The truth is, you don’t need a terabyte of Native Instruments software, the latest Loopmasters
sample pack, a modular synth system the size of a small car or a €30,000 student loan…
all you need is some very basic tech (that you most likely already own) and a bit of imagination  
to unlock your passion, and progress towards your true potential (#LOVE NIHILISM & A MACBOOK PRO/// etc).

It is therefore the pinkBits/// modus operandi to deconstruct and reinvent the archaic and redundant
teacher/student learning paradigms, and to not only push but also blur the boundaries of
education, art, and satire. We aim to cultivate community relationships, both locally and globally,
valuing authenticity and transparency above all else, with a focus on absolute inclusivity, well away from
the censorship and exploitation hidden within the code of modern Neo-liberal academia (#NOISE etc).

By streamlining typical accademic models and doing away with many administrative and transactional
processes, we’ve managed to assimilate various educational roles, and in doing so handed agency
back to creative individuals. With this, we hope to work towards the total democratization of knowledge,
for a pinker, more sustainable future, and to bring this egalitarian concept to all.

Classes are free, and always will be.

Get in touch today, and remember to share your gifts.


“You know, all this shit, house and techno, it came from the streets,
the fringes and the oppressed… and it’s been totally assimilated by
elitism and the establishment. The diversity and inclusivity has
been lost to corporate values…  pinkBits///MUSIC is changing that”
                                                                                                     - Noam Chomsky


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